About Our Meats

Our cattle  and sheep are pasture raised and are never given hormones or antibiotics. Our calves and lambs are raised with their mothers and are outside 12 months of the year with access to shelter whenever they want it. Our herd consists of Angus, Devon and Hereford and their crosses. we raise purebred Icelandic, and Katahdin/Dorper cross sheep. We graze our animals from approximately May 15 till the grass is no longer growing. Some years the animals are on pasture until the middle of December!  In Vermont, that's a long grazing season!  Once the grazing season is over, we feed hay for the winter and into early spring. Grass fed beef  and lamb is delicious, leaner, and a healthier choice than the feedlot, grain fed beef and lamb you will find at  your local supermarket. Our chickens are free to wander through green grass  nibbling, and are fed certified organic grain. No GMO's! Pastured chicken is not the same as pastured, certified organic chicken!

Contact us @ 802-728-9768  or  info@highridgemeadowsfarm.com