If you are thinking of purchasing....

Our cattle are pasture raised and are never given hormones or antibiotics. Our calves are raised with their mothers and are outside 12 months of the year with access to shelter whenever they want it. Our herd consists mainly of Angus, Devon and Hereford and their crosses. Last year we added a new breed, the Blonde d'Aquitaine, a large European breed from the French Pyrynees. We graze our animals from approximately May 15 till the grass is no longer growing. In some years  the animals can be on pasture until the middle of December!  In Vermont, that's a long grazing season!  Once the grazing season is over, we feed hay for the winter and into early spring. Grass fed beef is delicious, leaner, and a healthier choice than the feedlot, grain fed beef you will find at  your local supermarket. 


If you are thinking about purchasing our meat, it is best to to plan ahead! Our lamb is available in the fall and winter. Our beef is available throughout the summer and fall months. Beef animals usually take 18-24 months to be finished.  Lambs can be ready in four months to a year depending on the lambing schedule and the desired weight. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for! As soon as you have decided to purchase from us, let us know so that we can hold it for you. We sell out quickly, well before the beef/lamb is actually available for market.

How much freezer space do you need? About 50 lbs of meat will fill a 2.25 cubic ft freezer. A 12 cubic ft freezer should hold about 250 lbs of meat.  Space for chicken is more difficult to determine because it only comes whole and is more difficult to neatly pack into a freezer.

A Note about Hanging (Dressed) Weight...

Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after evisceration and the removal of head, hooves and hide. Beef is chilled for a couple of days or more and then hung to age for approximately 4-10 days during which time it loses water, which gives more flavor to the beef. This whole process will result in some weight loss, anywhere from 30-45% of the hanging weight.  So, for instance, an animal that hangs at 500 lbs may yield  275 - 350 lbs of meat.

Approximate lamb yield from dressed weight: The average Icelandic lamb dressed weight will usually range from 25-40 lbs for a whole lamb (similar to the term hanging for beef) and will yield 70-75% lbs. of that weight. Katahdins will have a higher dressed weight, about 50 lbs.  We sometimes process lamb at lower weights to meet a customer's religious or other preference.

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