What about poultry?

 There is a large demand for farm raised, pastured chicken.  Local growers can grow and process a certain number of birds themselves for retail sale, and pastured chicken is becoming more available to the consumer. However,  most people don't know that pastured chicken is not necessarily organic chicken.  Our chickens are certified organic, pasture raised, and  processed by a  USDA inspected facility, as well as on farm. Farm raised, organic, pastured poultry can be difficult to find and somewhat more expensive than your grocery store birds because the chickens are raised in smaller batches with more space and more expensive organic feed. Our chickens are fed high quality organic feed, green grass, and whatever delicious bugs they can find- no GMO's , no medication, no hormones . They are housed for safety at night and out to all day on grass to wander about.


We think you will agree that our chickens are tender, meaty , and have a great old-fashioned flavor.  And you can feel good about eating them!.

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