About Us...


Located in the little town of East Randolph, VT,  High Ridge Meadows Farm , is a small, hillside farm on about 45 acres of fields and woods, owned and operated by Mary and Jim Moran.  We raise certified organic grass-fed beef and lamb, and produce our own pure maple syrup. 

Our cattle are  Devon, Hereford, Angus, and our newest addition, Blonde d'Aquitaine and their crosses,  all of which do especially well on pasture.   We strive to give each animal plenty of space to graze, utilizing rotational grazing methods.  Giving them lots of room helps to keep them healthy and happy.  

We raise organic, grass fed sheep for meat, fleece, and cheese.  The meat from our lambs is delicious, mild  flavored and lean.  Our sheep fleece is beautiful and is processed without harsh detergents .

In the late winter we produce our own maple syrup, which has become a passion for us.  We have installed tubing which will increases our production, but we still enjoy hanging buckets close to the house.

All of our animals are raised using organic standards, spend the grazing season on pasture and are fed organic hay during the winter months. We practice rotational and mixed species grazing.  Our animals have continual access to the fresh air and free choice shelter from the elements (even in winter!) No antibiotics or hormones!

 All of our ruminants ( cattle and sheep) ,are completely grass raised and finished. Our meat is processed nearby at a local USDA inspected facility which cuts, vacuum seals and freezes our beef and lamb.  We raise healthy, happy animals -- grass fed and grass finished, which produce healthy, great tasting meat.


Contact us @ 802-728-9768  or  info@highridgemeadowsfarm.com