How to Order

We are currently sold out of lamb. Taking orders for  USDA inspected , certified organic chickens for June , and grass fed beef in the Fall.

Ordering is easy. Just fill out the order form and email( or mail) it back to us. Or just call ! 

If you are interested in a whole, or side of beef or lamb, or chicken halves, please email us to request pricing and more info.

All retail ground beef and lamb is packaged in approximately 1 lb. packages. Steaks are generally 3/4 to 1lb (one to a pkg.) Roasts are 3-4 lbs. each. Wholes and sides will be cut to your specifications. Beef and lamb are available at the farm in retail cuts.

 Chicken is sold whole and frozen, unless otherwise requested. It can be picked up at the farm. Ask us about arranging a drop off site if you are an out -of -state customer!

Beef, lamb, maple syrup, and USDA  processed chicken can be delivered out of state. Maple syrup can be purchased online, at the farm, or included in your meat order. 

Out of state (NH, MA ) delivery/drop off points can be arranged for any wholesale, or retail order of 30 lbs or more.  All our meats are processed  at USDA facilities.  However since we do offer farm processed chicken, if you would like to pick up your fresh, farm processed chicken at the farm, you can certainly take it home to MA, NH or wherever you live!

Contact us @ 802-728-9768  or