Products and Pricing

We will not be offering beef for 2016 as we will be concentrating on increasing the herd. 

We will continue to have lamb, yarns & roving, pelts and fleeces for sale.

Call or email us to reserve your lamb, available in the fall.

    Maple syrup is available year round, until we sell out! We sell in an array of sizes and containers, from simple pint jars to fancy maple leaf bottles. We produce all grades of syrup, but amounts of each grade varies from season to season. Sugar making is truly dictated by the weather .  We look forward to spending time  in late winter keeping warm by the evaporator ,as the smell of maple wafts through the cold air!

Icelandic wool is processed into yarns, and rovings in the beautiful, natural colors of the Icelandic sheep: browns, grays, blacks and whites and every combination of those.  From time to time, we will also carry  socks, rugs, and blankets made from  our wool. Please contact us if you are interested in raw fleece for  hand spinning.

   We are breeders of certified organic, registered, purebred Icelandic sheep and will, at times, have sheep for sale. Icelandic sheep are a multi-purpose breed of sheep, producing delicious meat, milk, beautiful fleece, pelts and horns.

   We also raise Katahdin sheep and Katahdin/ Dorper crosses for meat.

Contact us @ 802-728-9768  or