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 Subtle  Earthy Tweed, Sport Weight 

Very soft yarn for a special project. 2-ply $32



About Icelandic Wool   Icelandic sheep produce a beautiful, long, premium fleece which contains two distinctive fibers. The tog is the soft, strong & long outer coat that protects the sheep from wind, rain, snow, etc.  The thel is the baby-soft, very fine undercoat that keeps the sheep warm.  The two coats can be separated by hand for special projects, or they may be processed together. The traditional lopi is a lightly spun blend of tog and thel suitable for many projects including sweaters, hats and mittens. Thel is very soft and downy, with an irregular crimp and can be used for baby garments, and delicate shawls. The tog is similar to mohair; wavy or corkscrewed rather than crimped and is wonderful in worsted spinning.   

Icelandic sheep have  fleeces that come in many natural colors:  Whites that can be very white to creamier tones.  Moorit, which is a rich, sometimes chocolate, sometimes honey,  sometimes blackish brown.  All shades of greys and blacks.  Even heather tones and tweedy looks when mixed.  It is a beautiful, high quality product that comes in a myriad of natural colors. No dyeing necessary, but if you are looking to be creative with color, white fleece takes color beautifully!

 The versatility of the wool, the ease of spinning and the wide variation of tones and colors are a true delight to handspinners, and  put Icelandic wool into the exotic or premium category. It is also known as one of the best fleeces for felting, which is fast gaining popularity in the craft community.    Our wool is processed at a fiber  mill in Connecticut  where they use great care in treating the fibers as naturally as possible. The sheep are shorn twice a year , in Spring and Fall.  Fall shearing produces a a beautiful, soft yarn that includes lambswool. The Spring shearing produces beautiful yarns for knitting  and fleeces used for felting.

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